This domain is no longer under the control of the business formally known as "Rarefaction Systems".  Until late 2017, the owner/operator of Rarefaction Systems presented himself as an expert systems repair technician and ran the business inside the the Adelaide Audio Institute located in Mile End, South Australia.  Rarefaction Systems and the business owner have recieved property on the pretense of repair services, solicited payment for services undelivered, then ceased all communication.  The owner/operator of Rarefaction Systems is currently under investigation by the South Australia Office of Business Affairs and the South Australia police for deceptive business practices, and property theft, and fraud.

The same individual also purports to be the sole owner and founder of several companies including:


Each of these "companies" are said to be in operation for 5+ years each although no corporate entity, website, or ABN can be found.  Each company lists extensive technical expertise across an incredibly wide, although vague, spectrum of technology capabilities.  Be warned when doing business with any of these or related operations and they may or may not be legitimate organisations. 

Former Rarefaction Systems business page before it was taken offline:
Former Rarefaction Systems Business Page
If you have been scammed into false payments or theft of property contact:

South Australia Police: 08 7322 4800
South Australia Office of Business Affairs: 13 18 82 - Option 5
ACORN Australia Cybercrime Reporting